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Take a moment to visit some of these sites we think are worth a visit!

Disclaimer: While we find the below links educational and they might be of interest to many of our customers, we do not assume responsibility for the following links content.

  • GT Design - eBay Auction Site — Check our Gem auctions on eBay.

  • Gems and Things - eBay Store — Check out of Gems listed in our eBay Store

  • Art Store Cafe — A site for Fine Art, Photograph and Jewelry - for all budgets.

  • Jewelry List — Your One Stop Jewelry Directory.

  • >Jewelry by Star — The best source for jewelry

  • Jewelry Central — The Jewelry Portal of the Web, Education, Information & Shopping

  • >Rio Grande Gems & Findings — Jewelry Making Supplies.

  • Jewelry Link Exchange — Jewelry Directory and Link Exchange

  • Jewellery — Your Favorite Photo - Gold Picture Pendant Jewelry

  • — The Jewelry Web Portal Directory

  • Auction Beads — Your Bead and Jewelry Market Place

  • Gemological Institute of America — Education, Information, Research

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